Call for papers 2020

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Each edition is bilingual – English – Romanian –  structured on five sections and organized in approximately  200 – 350 pages / edition.

01. Dossier : individual or group articles by professionals and educators, studio projects, diploma projects, restoration and conservation projects on vernacular sites, summer school or workshop projects in vernacular architecture settlements.
02. Research: doctoral research resumés or articles, research by design articles, scientific  research & measurements on built heritage and sites. 
03. Profile: the work and professional profile of a specialist or group of specialists in the related field
04. Calendar: popularisation of the annual schedule of the Vernacular Architecture Studies Centre – Schönberg : workshops, professional practice, events, exhibitions, etc. 
05. Reviews. Bibliography: reviews written by academics of UAUIM, PhD candidates supervised by their tutors, follow-ups of the latest publications on vernacular architecture and related research (culture, restoration, construction, conservation, economics, government policies, UNESCO & ICOMOS documents) , local and international, conferences, events as well as current relevant exhibitions or initiatives.

Technical conditions for authors:

All texts for Abstract and the final article will be written both in Romanian and English, following technical specifications and the deadlines. The text for Abstract will have 150 words, 3-5 keywords, in Microsoft Word format, edited with Times New Roman 11 font, at 1,5 lines. 
All texts are peer-reviewed by the Scientific Commitee.
The selected texts to be published will be translated by their authors in English.
  1. For Dossier and Research sections, the papers should have between 3,000 to 5,000 words, including footnotes, references and tables. 
  2. For Reviews. Bibliography, the texts should have between 1,000 and 2,000 words. 
Text: Authors are kindly asked to send their papers in Microsoft Word format, edited with Times New Roman 11 font, at 1,5 lines and a minimal page layout proposal strictly following the past editions one: each page has a 19 x 19 cm space for images and / or text. The images will be arranged throughout the text.
It is important to visually link the images with the corresponding text, so they can be “read” together. 
Each article starts on a right page and ends on a left page
In the title page authors must mention their professional titles and affiliation, professional email address and 3-5 keywords.
Illustrations must be in jpeg or tiff format, at 300 dpi and 1 MB size minimum.
The number of illustrations must be between 3 and 7, of good quality and expressive. 
The images and drawings will mostly be published in black and white. 
The list of illustrations (drawings and photos) must not have more than 100 words with spaces. Illustrations must be sent separately, named and their layout must be specified throughout the text. Authors are responsible for copyright rights and reproducing graphic materials. 
This is a university and research centre publication.
Authors are legally responsible for the originality, accuracy of information and correct and honest indication of sources, copyright of images, scientific content, GDPR issues.
All submitted materials must have an academic stand and elaboration.
Students and PhD candidates can submit their work only under the careful guidance, validation and responsibility of a professor or academic coordinator.
The projects and research articles can be transdisciplinary collaborations between different professionals and all authors must be mentioned, as the publication encourages learning from different fields.
Since 2012, 20 volumes of each edition are sent to and preserved in the National Library of Romania.

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